Jack Ossa, AIA

Founder and Principal

Andrew McLellan

Senior Project Designer

Edgar Romero

Project Designer

Santiago González

Graphic Designer

The Human Potential
We believe in pursuing our dreams with determination.
The Meaning of Excellence
We believe excellence is to always do our very best.
The Power of Design
We believe in the power of design to enhance our experience of life.
Design Philosophy
We actively pursue a diverse range of design work and approach every project with a unique process that helps us uncover the design directive. We believe that great design satisfies both, our needs and our desires, they do the job and we love them. We believe design connects our hearts and minds, solves a problem and produces positive goal oriented results.
Core Values
We are clear, honest and direct.
We tell the truth, do what’s right and honor our commitments.
We avoid wasting our time and resources.
We value and appreciate others,
even if we disagree with them.
We are always learning, teaching and getting better.
We believe in our abilities, knowledge and judgement.
Join Our Team
We strive to identify and empower exceptional individuals who share our values. We are dedicated to providing support to help these talented individuals unleash their full potential.
Join us on this exciting journey and let's achieve greatness together!